Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

A heat wave is sweeping the country and is making a number of us miserable. Not only because we don’t enjoy being hot, but also because we don’t even feel like going outside. After a cold winter and a rainy spring the last thing we want to do now is be indoors! Well if we’re going to be staying indoors why not make it as enjoyable as possible. Here are some thoughts on turning your home into an oasis.

Create an indoor Oasis

Create an indoor Oasis

Try to make the inside of your home as “shady” as possible. Keep window shades or curtains closed and use as little lighting as possible. If you have a dimmer switch turn it to low. What you are trying to create is what feels like a shady spot. When you step into the shade outside you feel immediate relief – so create the same environment indoors. Next step is to keep the air moving – use ceiling fans, box fans, table top fans to keep the air circulating. Try to avoid having them on “full blast” – you want to create the feeling of an outdoor breeze. Try to keep the noise level of the fans low so it will feel calmer.

Make it shady!

Make it shady!

I’m hungry – I’m thirsty! Most likely you will still need to eat and drink, so what kinds of food and drink will help cool you off? Water, Water, Water – The best option is just plain water. Try to avoid sweetened or carbonated drinks. If you want to flavor your water, try fresh Lemon, Lime, or Mint. Use water to help cool your skin – a damp towel or mist bottle can give you some much-needed relief. Be careful as water can also dry your skin out. O.K. now what kind of food is refreshing? Fresh fruit is great – The moister the better -Watermelon, Peaches, Plums, or Oranges. Keep them chilled or freeze cut up pieces. Fresh salad is another good option – especially with tomatoes and cucumbers. Try to avoid cooking hot food – cook outdoors if you can. If you do cook indoors avoid the oven because the heat lingers for a long time. Use the stove top or an electric skillet if you have one.

Refreshing Snacks!

Refreshing Snacks!

The last tip is to create a cool/tropical feeling by using fragrance. The sense of smell can greatly influence our minds and the way we feel. So don’t be afraid to light a scented candle or use a Tart/Candle Warmer to add fragrance to your home. These scents can help, Coconut Lime, Cucumber Melon or Fresh Mint. Fresh fruit scents like Watermelon, Orange Citrus, or Apple give a cool crisp feeling. Also “earthy” scents like Sea Mist, Walk in the Woods, or Patchouli help make you feel cooler.

So get your indoor oasis going until the weather breaks and we can go back to enjoying the great outdoors.


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