Is Winter Over yet?

I know the days are starting to get longer, but as I look out the window it doesn’t seem as spring is any closer to getting here. No buds on the trees, grass a pale green, and there are certainly no Robins around. So I need some spring time cheer!

Flowers are nice and smell terrific, but they don’t last too long. I could use a spray air freshener – if you like that aerosol smell. That’s why I love soy wax candles. Soy wax is very clean burning, effectively dispersing your favorite scents and are surprisingly long-lasting. So lets consider some scents that will put us in a “springtime frame of mind“. Lilac is probably one of the most obvious and one of my favorites when they are in bloom. Some other options you can consider are Daffodil, Honeysuckle, Rose or Lavender. It’s amazing what a fresh scent can do to improve the mood around your home.

There are also some great Aromatherapy Candles you can use in your home that not only smell great but can help solve some issues that you maybe having. For example – if you have had a tough winter fighting the common cold the following scents promote a feeling of well-being:  Basil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange Citrus. If you’re a little short on energy try: Basil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood. Or maybe you want to just unwind at the end of a long day – a good choice would be: Chamomile, Lavender, Orange Citrus, Ylang Ylang.

So enjoy a beautifully scented candle and dream of spring and before you know it that wonderful season will be here. Green trees and grass, flowers blooming, warm breezes, barbecues,  and enjoying being outside. I can’t wait!Springtime Candle scents


4 thoughts on “Is Winter Over yet?

    • For cold cloudy days I like to use floral like Lilac, Honeysuckle, or Rose. Another option is tropical scents like: Coconut, Jasmine, or Citrus, A good fragrance for promoting a feeling of warmth is Cinnamon.

      • Thanks for the reply, I’ve used the Jasmine scent before it was amazing, I’m trying the Frangipani scent this weekend, will see if that’s good.


  1. I too am ready for spring! It’s starting to show now finally. I wanted to say thank you for your insight on the aromatherapy candles. I have not had much experience with many others but I do love the smell of lavender especially when times are somewhat dull. I will have to try orange citrus next as I didn’t know this brought about the same effect!

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