Shorter Days

It’s been a couple days since we moved the clocks back 1 hour for the end of daylight savings time. That extra hour of sleep was great on Saturday night going into Sunday – but how’s it going now a few days later?

How are your body, mind and mood dealing with less light each day? There is something about the sun going down at 5:30 makes me sleepy by 7. I would love to end my day at 7, but that’s not going to happen! 

Image of Yawning Person

So what’s my solution?

This is another time that a well chosen Aromatherapy Candle can help you out. Aromatherapy works by using your sense of smell to affect your mind to stimulate the body to produce certain chemicals and hormones. It can be very effective and won’t give you that nervous feeling from using too much caffeine.

What aromas work the best?

While there are many scents to choose from and some differences of opinion – here are some of the more popular choices.

  • Amber – Increased Mental Focus, Concentration and Creativity
  • Basil – Increases Energy and Concentration, Helps Fight Fatigue
  • Eucalyptus – Provides Energy and Helps Fight the Common Cold, Sinus and Headaches
  • Peppermint – Increases Energy and Concentration with Lower Stress

 So here’s to some extra energy and hopes you don’t spend the entire winter hibernating. And on the bright side – only 124 days until daylight savings time returns.



One thought on “Shorter Days

  1. That is some nice info. I had not thought of different scents having effects such as increased concentration or more energy. Seeing as how I know certain fragrances effect my mood I can see how they could do that though.

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