Think Outside The (Chocolate) Box – Valentines Gift Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect Valentines gift? Looking for something beyond a box of chocolates or flowers? Pure Scented Candles has the answer – The Body Massage Candle! So what makes this candle so special? It’s the wax. This candle has wonderfully scented 100% pure all natural soy wax with a massage oil that is high in vitamin E which is great for your skin!
So how does the Body Massage Candle work? That’s simple – Light your Massage Candle and let the wax start to melt. First you will enjoy the alluring aroma. After about 15 to 20 minutes you should have a big enough pool of wax to use the massage oil. Let the magic begin! Take a small spoon and dip out the melted wax and apply it to wherever you want soft exceptional smelling skin. Won’t the wax burn me? NO – soy wax burns about 3 degrees above body temperature – so enjoy the warm goodness against your skin. Soft skin and superb scents await!
So you want something that is fragrant like flowers? Got it and the Massage Candle will last much longer! Want something to enjoy like a box of chocolate? Got it – think about how well that warm wonderful massage oil will feel on your skin!
So think outside the box this Valentine’s Day and give a gift that will amaze the person you give it to!


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