The Most Wonerful Time of the Year!

The sights, the sounds, and of course the smells of the holiday season are here. All of our senses are working overtime to take it all in. They combine to create the terrific memories that we cherish as the years go by.

One of the most powerful memory triggers we have is our sense of smell. Our sense of smell even can affect the way we feel. The part of our brain that controls the sense of smell is closely related to memory, so it’s not surprising that smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantly. A great deal of our memories are associated with the first time we encountered that particular scent. Many of those memories will be related to our childhood or very special events.

Thinking back to childhood; is there any time of the year more magical than the holiday season? There is such great anticipation for Christmas when you’re a kid. Looking forward to putting up the Christmas Tree and other decorations. Enjoying all those fresh-baked cookies with a mug of rich hot chocolate. The endless wait to open presents. It always seemed to take forever! As we get older it seems to go too fast!

So take a break from the fast paced holiday season and enjoy a seasonally scented candle. Pick a scent that will help you relax and see what memories come to mind. Enjoy!


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