Renters don’t worry! – Why I love soy wax candles

As I was running around yesterday I found myself in conversations about soy candles.

The first conversation was in the checkout lane of Walmart. I was purchasing some cases of canning jars I am using to make candles for some upcoming Craft Fairs. The cashier thought I had A LOT of jelly or canning to do. I said that I was actually making candles out of the jars. She was very interested to know what kind of candles I made. Soy of course was the answer. She told me how much she loved soy candles because she rents and does not want to do damage to the apartment she lives in. She knows how clean burning soy wax candles are.

The second conversation was on the phone with a customer. I was updating her on a recent order that was shipped as a gift. She is also a renter and said her last landlord was always looking for evidence that she was burning candles. Always asking – “You’re not burning candles are you?” This customer also shared that she likes to watch HG tv and said there are plenty of shows dealing with people selling their homes having to do repainting to cover the black soot because the people had loved to burn lots of candles.

Well if this is a situation you find yourself in – renting and worried about the walls turning black because you want to enjoy scented candles then Soy Wax Scented Candles are your answer! Soy wax is an all natural and renewable product made from soybean oil. Other candles are made from paraffin wax (petroleum=oil) or a mix of waxes. Our candles are 100% soy wax so burning them does not add any CO2 or any other toxins in your home! Best of all NO black soot, so not only will your walls be clean but so will the top of your candle jar. Try a Tart Warmer and Soy Wax Tarts if you want to skip having an open flame.

So don’t worry be happy …. Enjoying all of your favorite scents!


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